Refuge in Riace


We are currently developing and fund-raising for our latest film, Refuge in Riace (You can watch the trailer below). We feel this is an important story to tell, that looks at one of the biggest issues of our time, the mass movement of refugees and migrants escaping poverty and war, and the challenge that their integration into society poses.

Many governments want to keep migrants out, building walls, criminalising and demonising them, and hoping they will go away, but other ways need to be put forward for dealing with this ongoing human tragedy. We hope REFUGE IN RIACE will show another more humane way.

We strongly believe REFUGE IN RIACE can be a film that moves people, and opens their hearts to the challenges facing us all in learning how to integrate and accept new arrivals to our shores. We are looking to raise the budget needed to go back and film for longer, building on the relationships that we created the first time we were there. If you would like to support the making of this film in any way, please get in touch:    or if you wish to make a financial contribution please do so via PayPal below.

Please support us in the making of this important film, by watching our trailer, and contributing to our Film-Making Fund here:

Thank you for your support, from all of us at the High Altitude Films team (Johnny, Paul, Francesco, Fernanda, Will and Rachel.)